AI Word is a platform designed to provide a unique and interactive experience for all types of people. An AI-powered content creation platform for marketing, social media, Image Generation, Article writing, and blogging. The primary goal is to extend the functionality of AI Word to Russian users, delivering the same innovative tools and capabilities currently available to English users.

Our Role

Our role in this project was to develop the Portal side of the website from scratch using the Client-provided Figma Design. We developed the front end, back end, and database of this project. The platform includes three different portals: the Athlete, Coach, and Admin portals, as well as a landing page.


AI Word welcomes you with open arms, inviting you to step into a world where content creation becomes effortless and brilliant. The landing page serves as your artistic gateway, where captivating visuals and concise, impactful text paints a vivid picture of the platform’s potential. Features like AI-powered tools, seamless multilingual support, and flexible subscription plans dance before your eyes, whispering possibilities for marketers, bloggers, and anyone with a story to tell.

Intrigued? Explore deeper through key sections like “About Us” to uncover the heart of AI Word, or let curiosity guide you towards “Contact Us” to have your questions answered. But for the impatient artist, a clear call to action beckons: Sign up or log in and unlock the magic of AI-powered content creation. This landing page isn’t just an entrance, 

In this project, I use React js, a responsive design for seamless user experience across devices and a user-friendly interface for tool access and navigation for the front end. For the backend, I use PHP(Codelgniter), Integration with ChatGPT4 for core AI functionalities, Integration with Stripe for payment processing, 

The user portal welcomes you with a variety of login options, including email, Google, and Yandex. Here, you can manage your profile, customize your subscription plan (Starter, Unlimited, or even a free tier to get started!), and browse a treasure trove of AI-powered tools. AI word compelling marketing materials, generate captivating social media posts, or build stunning website content from headlines to meta descriptions. Need a blog post? This portal has your back with a suite of writing tools to guide you through the entire process. And the cherry on top? Seamless multilingual support in both English and Russian allows you to express your ideas without boundaries.

The AI Word admin panel empowers authorized personnel with a secure and efficient platform to manage all aspects of the platform’s operations. From user oversight to data analysis, this backend interface becomes the nerve center for ensuring a seamless and successful user experience.

Comprehensive dashboards and insightful data visualizations unveil the platform’s inner workings. Administrators can track key metrics like user engagement, revenue generated, popular tools, and user demographics. Filtering and customization options refine these views, allowing for deeper analysis of specific timeframes or user segments.

Technology Stack




Chat GPT


React js

User management tools grant administrators complete control over the platform’s user base. Adding new users, viewing detailed profiles, and managing subscriptions are all made simple. The ability to block or delete users ensures a safe and secure environment for everyone.

Catering to diverse user needs, the admin panel empowers administrators to edit and create subscription plans. Tweaking pricing, features, and word limits unlocks the platform’s potential for different market segments and user priorities. Additionally, comprehensive views of active subscriptions and payment details ensure smooth financial management. I Deployed the website on Hostinger Hosting. It was a rewarding experience collaborating on this project with my client, Alex.

Client Reviews

Tech Xplorers’ team always impress with the level of helpfulness thoroughness and care they are able to put into every project. They were available to do lots of edits well after the milestones were complete. I am very happy that we finished almost all functionalities of Admin, Coach & Athlete within all of the short timelines that were required from this project. They are great to work with and an excellent communicator, always responding quickly and in a timely manner. — Anya Singh

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