About Chef Recipes

The Best Place to Find Delicious Recipes and Cooking Tips. Our client, Patrick, is a passionate home cook. He believes that cooking should be enjoyable, accessible, and, above all, delicious. He wanted an online directory of his recipes (6000+) along with an AI Integration, that can generate more recipes for users.

Our Role

Our Role in this project is to develop the complete website from scratch (Backend, frontend, Database) and integrate open AI. We added a directory of over 6000 recipes that can be downloaded, shared, saved, and printed. Additionally, an AI tool, Chat GPT (Davinci model), is available for those who cannot locate a recipe in Patrick’s directory. The website includes various functionalities, such as sign-up and sign-in, sign-in with Google, recipe search from a large guide, recipe search using Chat GPT, recipe categorization, pricing plans, contact us page, about us page, blog/news section, and profile management.


To manage all the website functionalities, an Admin Panel has been developed, which includes managing PayPal accounts, subscription plans, AI searches, categories, blogs, recipes, users, page content, downloading, and saving limitations for free accounts, and contact us emails. Furthermore, the website offers the feature of adding multiple recipes by uploading PDF files. This functionality is very usable for our client because he said he cannot write each and everything about all recipes.

Technology Stack





Open AI


Digital Ocean


We developed this website using technologies such as React, Node.js, MongoDB, Tailwind CSS, Express, PWA, Core-js, Chat GPT (Open AI), and SendGrid. The client provided Digital Ocean for Deployment.

Client Reviews

Wow, A huge thank you to Tech Xplorers! Our web development journey was quite an intricate maze, but their team’s patience and keen ear helped unravel our needs effortlessly. Their wisdom and timely suggestions proved to be invaluable, saving us heaps of time and money. Oh, and did we mention it? They finished the work ahead of time – now that’s impressive! Tech Xplorers, our solid recommendation goes out for you in the realm of web development projects. Thank you, once again! 

— Patrick (The chef recipes)


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