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Imagine a bridge connecting Nepalese communities worldwide. NStates is that bridge, a platform bringing you news, events, jobs, classifieds, and business listings all in one place. But it’s much more than just information – it’s a space for social engagement and personalized experience.

Our Role

Our role in this project was to develop the Portal side of the website from scratch using the Client-provided Figma Design. We developed the front end, back end, and database of this project. The platform includes three different portals: the User, and Admin portals, as well as a landing page.


Nepstates offers more than just a comprehensive set of features. We’ve incorporated thoughtful elements to elevate your experience and keep you engaged.

Choose your location, sign up or log in seamlessly, and watch gold and silver prices Navigate key sections like blogs, services, events, jobs, and more. Explore featured content: a slideshow showcasing trending events or paid advertisements, and quick access tiles connecting you to popular services like business listings and anonymous confessions.

Responsive design ensures comfort across devices, English and Nepali languages keep you included, and a powerful search bar helps you find exactly what you’re looking for. Create your own personalized profile, track activity logs, and set preferences to curate your perfect NStates experience. Stay informed with notifications that bring updates, messages, and activity right to you.

Blogs: Read, like/dislike, and comment on published blogs. Share your own voice by submitting content for admin review. Explore by categories like Immigration, Education, or Cuisine. Admins, rejoice! Manage content, categories, and user submissions through a dedicated panel.

Confessions: Unburden your soul anonymously on the tile-based interface. Like/dislike and comment on confessions (but only if you’re logged in!). Utilize the tag system with NSFW confirmation for sensitive topics. Admins, you’re in control – moderate confessions and user permissions with ease.

Beyond confessions, express yourself with text, images, and even GIFs! Browse forums by categories like Immigration, News, or Politics. Start new threads, join existing ones, and share your voice (login required). Admins, manage categories, content, and user permissions to keep the forum thriving.

Discover what’s happening! Featured events grace the homepage, handpicked by payment and admin selection. Search and filter events by name, location, and category (Online, Concert, Cultural, and more!). Organizers promote your events with paid options. Create and manage events through a dedicated customer portal.

Find your perfect home, from Single Rooms to Shared Rooms. Property owners, list your space with paid options and manage your listings through a dedicated customer portal.

Explore your tech potential! Discover training programs in fields like Developer, QA, and Data Science. Training providers, list your programs with paid options and manage them through a dedicated customer portal.

Land your dream job! Explore diverse categories like Gas Station, Hotels, and Retail. Admins, manage job listings and reviews to keep the board buzzing.

Find everything from Lawyers to Real Estate agents and Beauty salons. Rate and review businesses, or list your own with paid options. Manage your business listings through a dedicated customer portal

Need help? A comprehensive form, address, phone number, email, and even Google Maps integration make reaching NStates a breeze.

Discover our mission, and services offered, and meet the team behind NStates. Optional website statistics offer insights into our growing community.

The location selection bar remains conveniently accessible on most pages, ensuring you always have your preferred region at hand.

Stay informed about your membership status with timely expiry and renewal notifications. This ensures you never miss out on the full benefits of being a Nepstates member.

Foster deeper connections with fellow Nepstates members through our integrated messenger chat. This real-time communication channel allows you to engage in conversations, share ideas, and build meaningful relationships within the platform.

We prioritize your privacy and online security. Our clear and comprehensive cookie acceptance notice keeps you informed about how we utilize cookies and safeguard your data.

Your Personalized Nepstates Space:

Gain valuable insights into your activity and engagement on Nepstates through your personal statistics and activity logs. This data empowers you to understand your usage patterns and optimize your experience.

Take control of your directory listings with ease. Edit, delete, or renew your listings directly from your user dashboard, ensuring your information stays accurate and up-to-date.

Dive deeper into how your content resonates with the Nepstates community. Track views, clicks, comments, and reviews to gauge the effectiveness of your contributions and refine your approach.

Have questions or feedback? Reach out to the Nepstates team directly through your dashboard. We’re committed to providing prompt and helpful responses to your queries.

Tailored Experience: Craft your ideal Nepstates experience by managing your subscriptions and preferences. Choose what you want to see and how you want to interact, making Nepstates truly your own.

Technology Stack





Nepstates offers various monetization options to empower users and businesses within the platform. Showcase your events, listings, and directory entries with premium placements to maximize visibility and reach a wider audience.

Client Reviews

Tech Xplorers’ team always impress with the level of helpfulness thoroughness and care they are able to put into every project. They were available to do lots of edits well after the milestones were complete. I am very happy that we finished almost all functionalities of Admin, Coach & Athlete within all of the short timelines that were required from this project. They are great to work with and an excellent communicator, always responding quickly and in a timely manner. — Anya Singh

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