About Hakiem Mind

Imagine a world where medical knowledge dances at your fingertips, visualized in elegant mind maps generated by artificial intelligence. That’s the future Hakeim Mind ushers in, a revolutionary platform designed to empower medical students, doctors, and eventually hospitals with the power of organized information and collaborative learning.

Our Role

My role was to build this website on the robust foundation of PHP (CodeIgniter), My Sql, stripe, Apple Pay, and React JS, Navigate seamlessly through the charm landing page, and explore features like subscription plans, and FAQs, that beckon you to join the revolution.


Your journey begins with a simple login or effortless Google sign-in. A free trial awaits, inviting you to explore the platform’s potential before committing. The “How to Use” section ensures a smooth transition, while captivating visuals and captivating content showcase Hakeim Mind’s magic.

Step into the mindmaps page, where AI becomes your creative partner. Enter a medical topic, select relevant resources, and watch as PaLM API (The PaLM API allows developers to use state-of-the-art Large Language Models (LLMs), to build language applications) spins insightful text into Difficult mind maps. Re-generate with ease, or unleash your inner artist with endless customization options. Need further guidance? Hakeim Bar, your AI-powered chatbot assistant, offers suggestions, refines details, and empowers you to create truly exceptional mind maps.

The active feed isn’t just a showcase; it’s a springboard for discovery. Search for specific content or explore the mind maps of trusted colleagues. like, comment, share, and download valuable resources, building a network of knowledge that grows with every interaction. 

Your profile becomes your hub, where you manage your mind maps, edit personal information, and control your user experience. Light or dark mode. Public profile link. Choose your settings and explore the world of medical knowledge on your terms.

Hakeem Mind’s folder system allows users to organize their knowledge in a way that is meaningful to them. Users can create folders for different topics, and projects, or simply keep their mind maps organized by theme. This makes it easy to find the information you need when you need it.

Followers and following features make it easy to connect with other medical professionals and collaborate on projects. Users can follow other users to see their latest mind maps and interact with them.

Hakeem Mind gives users control over the privacy of their mind maps. Users can choose to share their mind maps publicly or keep them private. This ensures that users have the flexibility to share their knowledge with others, while also protecting their privacy.

Hakeim Mind understands the financial realities of learning. Choose from convenient monthly or yearly subscription plans, both offering full access to the platform’s treasure trove of features. A 5-day free trial to interact with the website. But Hakeim Mind is more than just a learning tool; it’s a payment gateway to progress. Stripe, Visa, Mastercard, and even Apple Pay seamlessly integrate for effortless subscription management and secure transactions.

I implement the functionalities of the Admin Portal of Hakeim Mind stands as the control center for ensuring a thriving and secure platform experience. Here, administrators hold the reins of user management, content moderation, data analysis, and even financial stewardship.

its Protecting the integrity and quality of information shared in Hakeim’s Mind is paramount. The portal empowers administrators to review meticulously and moderate user-generated mind maps. They can readily assess public maps for broader suitability, ensuring the platform thrives as a beacon of reliable medical knowledge..

Technology Stack




Apple Pay


React js

The Admin Portal, in essence, is a command center for shaping Hakeim Mind’s future. It empowers administrators to ensure a thriving community, safeguard shared knowledge, and navigate the platform toward sustainable growth, all while keeping a watchful eye on the ever-evolving landscape of medical information. This project was a labor of dedication, aimed at providing a valuable resource for patients and providers working towards their health and wellness goals

Client Reviews

Tech Xplorers’ team always impress with the level of helpfulness thoroughness and care they are able to put into every project. They were available to do lots of edits well after the milestones were complete. I am very happy that we finished almost all functionalities of Admin, Coach & Athlete within all of the short timelines that were required from this project. They are great to work with and an excellent communicator, always responding quickly and in a timely manner. — Anya Singh

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