About LMS - Lifestyle Medicine Solutions

Lifestyle Medicine Solutions (LMS) offers a comprehensive approach to managing chronic conditions through evidence-based lifestyle interventions. This user-friendly platform is designed to facilitate lifestyle assessments, monitoring, and support. Lifestyle Medicine Solutions (LMS) utilize an interface that sets a customized health goal. Providers and patients are able to access the assessment tools, lifestyle programs, and health tracking solutions for monitoring and support.

Our Role

Our responsibility in this project was to build the website from the ground up. It comprises three types of portals: Admin, Patient, and Provider (Doctor), along with a Landing Page. 

Patients have the capability to input a wide range of data, including personal details, clinical information, vital signs, body composition, activity levels, dietary habits, behavior patterns, medical history, biomarker data, food consumption recall, sleep tracking, and stress assessment. They can conveniently access a central hub to review their data history, engage in messaging for communication with administrators and providers, utilize analytics to gauge their health status and participate in specialized health programs via a quiz system. Patients also have access to recommendations from their healthcare providers concerning medication and exercise regimens. Additionally, they can utilize features like notifications, subscription plans, login functionality, and password recovery. Furthermore, they can manage appointments scheduled by their providers. Essentially, this portal empowers patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle effectively.

Provider portals offer subscription plans, patient reports, the ability to build care teams by adding more members, messaging features, analytics tools, program access, patient monitoring capabilities, and the management of health recommendations.

Admins have the authority to oversee all patients and providers, engage in communication with users, schedule messages, manage teams, access analytics and programs, track patient and provider reports, add/manage patients and providers, adjust subscription plans, implement multiple admin accounts, send global notifications, and manage programs by adding quizzes, videos, and more.

Technology Stack





We developed the LMS Portal entirely from scratch, utilizing a diverse range of programming languages and tools, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, CodeIgniter, moment.js, Howler.js, PayPal integration, OWL Carousel, and Google Charts. Additionally, we created the Landing Page using the WordPress CMS, with minor customizations. We deployed the website on a client-provided Hostinger Account. This project was a labor of dedication, aimed at providing a valuable resource for patients and providers working towards their health and wellness goals.

Client Reviews

Great job! Great service and expertise. Highly recommended. —  Dr. Mechelle Acero Palma, Lifestyle Medicine Specialist

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Website URL

  • https://lmedsolutions.com/
  • https://portal.lmedsolutions.com/